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  • 8th of a High Potency Flower
  • a Moon Rockets Full Gram Cartridge
  • an Bonsai Pre-Roll
  • a pack of Sour Gummies
  • an Enjoyable Edibles Rocky Road Brownie


Hype / Sativa

14 grams / Half

Banana Sherbert

This Hybrid leans a tad bit on the Sativa side but has plenty of Indica kick. Fluffy nugs with a nice banana, fruity aroma. A heavy daytime bud that is perfect for stress, appetite and anxiety.

Temporarily unavailable

Moon Rockets FULL GRAM Cartridges

If you were looking for the best screw-on cartridge, you found it! Moon Rockets produces top-quality concentrates and uses only high-grade components to build their cartridges. They test at 87%+ THC. Bigger hits, better tasting and longer lasting.

Sour Gummies (350MG THC)

Sweet and sour gummies perfect for on-the-go! 5 pieces packed for a total of 350mg of THC. With 70mg per piece, these portions will be sure to satisfy.

Rocky Road Brownie (350MG THC)

This extra-strength brownie from Enjoyable Edibles is sure to satisfy even the most experienced of users. Super potent and super tasty. Brownie, marshmallows and chocolate served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!

Bonsai Premium Prerolls

  • 1.5 grams of OG base flower, mixed with shatter, painted with ultra-refined Distillate Oil and dusted with Golden Kief. This is the high-quality, top-shelf pre-roll you have been waiting for! All-Natural Terpenes used to create 16 amazing flavors.
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